July 4th, 2014

Coinstar vs. the Kitchen Scale

How much was in those change jars on top of the fridge? I weighed the coins and then ran them through the counting machine at QFC.

Coin Weight Mass ea. Est. by wt Coinstar Diff.
Quarters 621 5.670 110 = $27.40
Dimes 742 ± 3 2.268 327 = $32.72 328 +0.3%
Nickels 1212 5.000 242 = $12.12 243 +0.4%
Cents 3251 2.500 1300 = $13.00 1243 -4.4%

Pretty close really. Older pennies have been substantially heavier so that's probably why the penny count by weight was high.

I didn't run the quarters through the machine since I use them for laundry. Sadly, despite the Beach Boys' financial planning advice, $47.72 is not enough to buy a sporty new Chevy.

I guess I could also have stacked each coin type (slid them into a v-shaped groove in something (quiet, [personal profile] m_pig)) and measured their length. That might have been better for the pennies.

Other things found in the change jar: two Eisenhower half-dollars, one bicentennial; some Canadian quarters and Japanese 50-yen coins; and an Australian two-cent piece which appears to have a firelizard on the back.